Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inspired by OM

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon, and after walking around on the West side of New York City with a bottle of water in one hand and a new camera in another, I tried to look around me for inspiration of new mehndi designs.  Granted I always use a certain combination of designs as a base, but I wanted something new to add to it.  As I was walking today, I noticed that lots of individuals had OM t-shirts or OM written on their handbags.  As simple as it may be, OM is a great addition to my collection of designs.  

Another design that I remembered was a particular type of flower design that I can draw on paper very easily but with mehndi, it's a challenge for me.  More so when I apply it on my own hand.  So here are some photos of what I came up with...

I tried out the black-and-white effect.  

I got religious on this part of the design:-)

This is an up-close of the main flower design.  It took me a couple of times before I was somewhat satisfied. 

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