Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wedding with a chain of all

aalaces in our catalogue can cater to Events/Ceremonies starting from a Couple and going up to a large gathering of 500-750 Pax. There are Indoor and Outdoor Venues in Palaces which are used for different ceremonies depending upon Theme and gathering. Most of the Palaces have a Durbar Hall, Swimming Pool Deck, Terrace, Lush Gardens, Multi Cuisine Restaurants, Bar, and themed Halls such as with Mirror work, Stone Inlay, Frescos etc.
On occasions these Venues and whole Palaces are lit up with Mashals (lit up Torches), Candles and Lighting to crate an ambience of Festival. Elephants, Horses and Camels are used to give a touch of Regalia.
Wedding with a chain of all ceremonies may last for 2-4 Days, depending upon the choice of Ceremony which could be a Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Gujarati or Christian/Civil. During this period Gala Lunches/Dinners are organized with different Themes like Desert, Market, Village, Dine with
To add up in the ambience, local Folk performers, dancers and musicians, Snake Charmers, Puppet Shows, Kalbeliyas, Dhol walas could be integrated very conveniently. Contrast to which is a sophisticated and close party with DJ and Cocktail could also be a part
Guest Entertainment may go to the depth of organiz

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